Free Printable Tax Forms

This page provides free printable tax forms so that you can file your tax returns yourself. You shouldn’t be paying for tax forms anywhere you can get them free from the IRS.

Below I have provided links to some of the more common tax forms and also to the IRS Homepage as well.

When you open the free printable tax forms, you will be opening Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You can then print these forms out on your own printer. They do not need anything done to them to prepare them for printing. They are already formatted and ready to be printed.

I have also provided links to the instructions. You can either print the instructions out or just read them on your computer monitor. I find it easier to at least print the sections that I need.

I have also provided a link to the page on the IRS site where you can look for additional forms and instructions. If you need a form that is not included here look around on this link.

There is also a link to the page where you can look for publications. This year, 2005, make sure you check out Publication 600, the optional state sales tax tables.

Finally I have included a link to the frequently asked questions page and the page that details “who must file”.

Here are the “Free Printable Tax Forms”.

Who must file.

1040 Forms

1040 Form Instructions

Form 1040 Schedule A

Form 1040 Schedule A Instructions

Form 1040 Schedule B and Instructions

Page for all forms and instructions.

Page for all Publications

Frequently Asked Questions

IRS Homepage

Drop me an e-mail if you think I should include any additional forms.

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